The Genome Alliance in Australasia (GAiA)

The purpose of the GAiA is to create a Community of Practice with diverse interests in the genomes, biodiversity and evolution of the plant, animal, fungal and microbial species of Australia and New Zealand.

The Aims of the Genome Alliance are to:

  • Create an infrastructure based on comparative genomics and evolutionary approaches to understand the biodiversity and evolution of our diverse eukaryotic species.
  • Collaborate with similar international initiatives to build a global “Network of Networks”.
  • Data-mine genome-scale information to reveal new knowledge and create new opportunities for the conservation of ecosystems and applications in health/agriculture.
  • To facilitate the creation of such consortia and provide support through the actions of the working groups.

Working Groups:

  • Taxonomic communities.
  • Linkage to other organisations & initiatives.
  • Wildlife collections, herbariums & museums.
  • Technologies.
  • Data management & bioinformatics.
  • Training & capacity building.
  • Ethical, legal, social implications& indigenous rights.
  • Engagement with public, government & industry.

WEBINAR: Genome Alliance in Australasia (GAIA)

Wed 30 Oct 2019 11:00am12:00pm


In this webinar, Professor Dave Burt, Director, UQ Genomics and Chair, GAiA Steering Committee will be discussing how advances in DNA sequencing technologies are empowering researchers to assemble whole genomes at scale across many organisms and making the analysis of whole genomes a viable methodology to apply in large scale studies. 

He will also discuss International efforts that are underway in this space and also introduce the Genome Alliance in Australasia (or GAIA) which was launched in July this year and is envisaged as a consortium representing diverse communities with an interest in the genomes and biodiversity of all the Plant, Animal, Fungal and Microbial Species of Australia and New Zealand.

Towards the end of the webinar we will hear from Dr Jeff Christiansen (Chair of the GAIA Working group on Data and Bioinformatics) about how members of this working group (and others) who are undertaking de novo genome assembly, genome annotation and phylogenomics in Australia can engage with various activities that are being facilitated by the Australian BioCommons.

Prof Burt is an expert in the field of avian and poultry genomics and has over 200 peer-reviewed publications. Since 2017, Dave has been the Director of the UQ Genomics Initiative - which is a virtual network across the University of Queensland that is catalysing fresh, practical insights into genomics research across multiple disciplines and all genomics researchers at UQ, and three key impact areas: Feeding the World, Resilient Environments and Healthy Aging.


Professor Dave Burt, Director, UQ Genomics, Chair, GAiA Steering Committee