DNA Zoo - Tracking Genomes in Space for Fast, Inexpensive, and Accurate Chromosome Length Scaffold Assemblies

Wed 20 Nov 2019 11:00am12:00pm


Global Change Institute
Building #20
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072

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Abstract: Over a quarter of all assessed species are threatened with extinction. The DNA Zoo consortium, a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Houston, TX, USA, with sister labs in Perth UWA, Australia and ShanghaiTech University, China focused on facilitating conservation efforts through the rapid generation and release of high-quality genomics resources. We believe that these efforts can not only aid threatened nonhuman populations, but will enhance our understanding of life, its varieties, and its origins, and will greatly facilitate our understanding of our own species – Homo sapiens.

A global network is being created with >58 collaborating partners across 8 countries for comprehensive worldwide sampling of biological diversity with the participation of geographically localised communities dedicated to this cause. DNA Zoo collaborations between academic labs and zoos across the world will facilitate comprehensive sampling of global biodiversity, including the vulnerable and threatened species across the 'tree of life'.

Parwinder Kuar
Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur


Parwinder Kaur is a Genetics and Biotechnology expert at UWA and the Director of DNA Zoo Australia. She leads an innovative translational genomics research program, spearheading the use of novel CRISPR platform, single-cell, 3D genomics combined with AI and machine learning, and transforming fundamental science into solutions across agriculture and medicine. With DNA Zoo, she is on a mission to facilitate conservation efforts for Australia’s threatened and endangered species through genomic empowerment.


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