This 1.5 day workshop will include a short introduction to next-generation sequencing theory and an introduction to Galaxy. The hands-on component of the workshop covers the concepts of de novo assembly and initial annotation of a genome from short-read NGS data. You will be introduced to the widely-used de novo assembly pipeline, including quality checking, trimming, concepts of filtering, concepts of annotation and use a selection of tools to identify genomic features of interest.

The workshop will all be based in Galaxy using the Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL), a platform that provides access to already installed bioinformatics tools.

More information about the workshop is on QFAB's website

Places are limited, register for the workshop by 5pm, Monday 28th May. Cost: $25



Queensland Biosciences Precinct
QBP Bldg #80
UQ St Lucia campus
Small seminar room 3.146