Genomics at UQ

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s premier research and teaching institutions, with a wealth of expertise and research capability in genomics.

The UQ Genomics Initiative (UQ Genomics) is a virtual network that will continue to catalyse fresh, practical insights into genomics research across multiple disciplines through an integrated alliance across all genomics researchers at UQ. 

UQ Genomics’s mission is to establish a network that can identify and unite UQ’s diverse genomics expertise, and develop a community that can collaboratively translate genomics knowledge into tools and approaches that effectively overcome challenges and create positive change for the global community.

UQ Genomics will provoke and encourage dialogue and discussion about Queensland’s genomics research capacity; align research with policies and societal needs; and generate excitement and enthusiasm to promote public favour and trust in genomics research.

Impact areas

Food security is a massive catch phrase in the media. Research into gene editing through methods such as CRISPR and other breeding systems ensure continued supply of food and fodder crops for generations to come, address dietary health issues globally as well as reducing the environmental impact of existing agricultural practices.
Human degradation of the natural environment by direct and indirect means threatens not only our ability to provide food for an ever-increasing population, but also endangers our entire ecosystem. Genomic research in areas such as soil biomes is giving us answers to challenges such as climate change.
Applied genomics research is investigating aspects of health across all areas of human development, from in-vitro testing through to age-related debilitating disease. The possibilities of disease prevention research can significantly reduce the medical burden on families and society.