Researcher biography

Dr Vickers works in the fields of isoprenoid biology/metabolic regulation/engineering, carbohydrate metabolism/engineering, and beer systems biology. These diverse areas are linked though understanding fundamental biology and applying this understanding to industrial bioprocesses. In particular, she has an interest in using biology to replace current industrial practices (largely based on finite petrochemical resources) with sustainable, environmentally friendly approaches. To this end, she uses the tools of systems and synthetic biology for metabolic engineering of microbes. Dr Vickers has made seminal contributions to: understanding the role of isoprenoids in plant biochemistry/physiology; elucidating the genetic, molecular and biochemical control isoprene emission; and understanding/engineering sucrose utilization in industrial microbes. She has also developed many enabling tools for molecular biology/synthetic biology in both plants and microbes (transformation vectors, expression control systems, chromosomal integration systems, reporter systems, etc.). Dr Vickers has research programs and student research projects available in the following areas: • Isoprenoid Pathway Engineering • Isoprenoid Biofuels and Industrial Biochemicals • Tools for Synthetic Biology • Synthetic Biology Circuit Construction • Beer Systems Biology • Feedstock Pathway Engineering Dr Vickers is very active in science education, outreach and career advice for early career scientists. She has been invited to act as an advisor on synthetic biology (as an emerging technology) for both the Australian Federal Government and the Institute on Science for Global Policy (an American-based organisation).