Researcher biography

Prof Jacqueline Batley is an ARC Future Fellow. She was awarded her PhD from the University of Bristol UK in 2001. She moved to Australia in 2002, as a senior research scientist at DPI-Victoria, then led a research group at the University of Queensland as an ARC QEII Research Fellow. Jacqui has received several awards for her research including a University of Queensland Foundation Research Excellence Award, an ARC QEII Fellowship and an ARC Future Fellowship. Jacqueline has expertise in the field of plant and animal molecular biology, genetics and genomics, gained from working in both industry and academia. Her areas of interest include genetic and genomics analysis and specifically, genome sequence analysis and the development of molecular genetic marker systems for applications such as genetic diversity, genetic mapping, LD and comparative genomic studies and the molecular characterisation of agronomic traits. She is currently focussing on blackleg resistance in Brassicas, using a pan genome approach.